Ahmet Kapkic

I am a software engineer focusing on AI, data science and research; developing tailored solutions to daily problems.
Announcement: Currently looking for a ML/Software Developer role, if you are interested in hiring me, feel free to contact!


Big Data Analytics on Cloud File Systems: Case Analysis on File Access Dates

Utilizes different regression and scaling approaches to analyze millions of cloud file system logs, predicting the time when the user will access the specified files again. Sends the information to the data orchestrator, caching the predicted files for faster access.

Presented at IEEE International Congress on Big Data, Deep Learning and Fighting Cyber Terrorism (IBIGDELFT)

  • Supported by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
  • 2242 Undergraduate Project Competition District Finalist
  • 2209-B Industry Oriented Undergraduate Thesis Support Program

  • Finalist in DELL EMC Envision the Future competition, 2019

MailManager Stack

A full-fledged mail list automater written with GMail and AWS APIs, in Google Java Style. Sends customized mails to thousands of users and manages mail lists according to responses. All elements can also work standalone.


  • Handles sending bulk mails through GMail and/or AWS SES.
  • Provides personalized mail and unique unsubscribe options, mail sanitation, different encodings. 


  • Handles multiple lists by adding-removing entries.
  • Custom mail filtering and list creation.


  • Handles incoming mails
  • Executes mail sending or filtering commands by incoming mail contents.
  • Can send commands to ListHandler and MailManager.



  • Masters, Computing Science and Information Systems Department
  • Thesis on Pedestrian Detection with Deep Learning
  • TA at 5801 Software Engineering
  • Received “Graduate College Premiere” and “Read. RECreate. Reward” Scholarships
  • Bachelors, Computer Engineering
  • Thesis on Usage Prediction on Cloud File Systems, Machine Learning
  • Research at Biometric Laboratory under Prof. Seref Sagiroglu for 4 years
  • Founded GaziCyber and ISACAGazi student communities


  1. Big Data Analytics in Cloud File Logs
    E. Cakici, A. Kapkic, E. Canbaz
    IEEE International Congress on Big Data, Deep Learning and Fighting Cyber Terrorism (IBIGDELFT), 2018
  2. Assessment of Wireless and IoT Security Awareness: A Case Study
    B. Ozcakmak, A. Kapkic, B. Bagiroz, A. Koc, U. Yavanoglu
    7th International Conference on Advanced Technologies (ICAT’18), 2018.
  3. An Analysis on Wireless Network Device Access Security and Awareness: Case Study of Ankara
    U. Yavanoglu, A. Kapkic, S. T. Yagci, C. Aktepe, G. Tuncer,
    International Journal of Information Security Engineering, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, 2015.